Proto Rocket Voyager


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Meet the Proto Rocket Voyager! It’s made by the original designers of the Proto Pipe with some very nice improvements over the original design most significantly a much improved trap design.

Proto Rocket Voyager 2
The Proto Rocket

For the Proto Rocket, Phil took the best elements of the ProtoPipe and made some quality functional and aesthetic improvements.

Its bowl is beautifully round and holds a larger smoking capacity.

The swiveling top lid is shaped into a graceful crescent that cleverly makes it also function as a roach clip.

The bottom tar trap has been transformed from a plug that pops out into a bottom lid that swivels like the top lid, making it super easy to clean.

The collar around the Stash Pod, that holds the Poker in place, is completely hand-shaped and knurled for improved function, feel, and appearance.